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Last update : 2017-01-17 Buttons button Returns to the search page
button Find : Displays a list of all records corresponding to your criterias
Last search : Re-displays the list of all records selected during the last search
Restricts the list to records of the selected color
  (white list all colors)
Red color : Caution! contra-indications.
Amber color : Adjustments needed according to insufficiency.
Green color : No adjustment needed.
button On the list page, sorts all records by alphabetical order or by category (alternatively)
button Returns to the list page
button Brings you to the update profile page
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button Returns to the previous page
button Quit (logout)
Lets you select your language button The Search Screen Search for a molecule :
 1- In the "Molecule" field type the first letter(s) of the
     molecule name
 2- Select the molecule in the drop-down menu
 3- Click on the "Search" button
Search on keyword : drug name, pharmacotherapeutic group, brand name, ...
 1- In the "Keyword" field, type a word which could be in the database
     (molecule name, pharmacotherapeutic group, brand name, ...)
 2- Click on the "Search" button
New request button : Click on this button, rather then on the "Search" button, to add a second (third, ...) search criterion button The List Screen * * * * * * Click here to go to the Card Screen. * Click on the class or subclass to list all molecules of that class or subclass. button The Card Screen * * * * button Opens the page with brand names and other information * Click on the class or subclass to list all molecules of that class or subclass. button The Info Screen Brand names of drugs may vary from one country to another.  Without any garantee, this heading states various denominations of products containing the molecule, without taking presentation or ingestion mode into account. Useful information will be added regularly to the database. Abbreviations CI Contraindicated USI International Standard Units IV Intravenous IM Intramuscular ER Extended release SC Subcutaneous IA Intra-arterial IN Intra-nasal IR Intra-rectal INHL Inhalation SL Sublingual IP Intraperitoneal IT Intrathecal IL In Loco INN International Nonproprietary Name ATC Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical classification system LA Long acting